Saturday, January 29, 2011

What did you do this January?

I was cool and stood by some graffiti.

I drank some tea.

I visited my blog.

I bought this shower gel.

I bought this rose musk incense.

My friend gave me this, it smells nice.

I stayed up till One o'clock one night reading this book.

My new Bauhaus tee.

I bought this, unfortunately it wasn't in the sale, but it was too beautiful to resist.

I bought some high waisted jeans from an opshop and cut them into shorts.

I made this.

I covered my new school books.

I looked at an angel.

I ate a lemon.

I took my dogs for a walk.

I realised how photogenic our new place was.

I took this photo.

Something ate my persimmons.


  1. Wonderful photography, m'dear! Words do not express how splendid your blog is, and it put a big smile on my face :D <--- much like this.
    Much love xx

  2. you have 2 dogs?!?!? :o
    georgia, your blog is fantastico!
    loving it so much!
    aaahhh miss you loads xxx

  3. I love the G on your wall- how did you make it? Thanks for your pasta sauce recipe, pasta's one of my favourites too! I've never added thyme and organo to a sauce though so will definitely be trying that soon!xx

    MISS YOU so so so so much tigers... in summer we might be coming, we have booked our cottage(haha,its crazily busily booked)and we will book the plane tickets soon,...i hope
    Emily;;; i bought a wooden G from a shop for $7 and my friends gave me some really not well looked after books, they were falling apart so i just glued them on.

  5. the so called "shower gell'' that you friend gave you somehow ended up in charlottes hair


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