Saturday, January 29, 2011

What did you do this January?

I was cool and stood by some graffiti.

I drank some tea.

I visited my blog.

I bought this shower gel.

I bought this rose musk incense.

My friend gave me this, it smells nice.

I stayed up till One o'clock one night reading this book.

My new Bauhaus tee.

I bought this, unfortunately it wasn't in the sale, but it was too beautiful to resist.

I bought some high waisted jeans from an opshop and cut them into shorts.

I made this.

I covered my new school books.

I looked at an angel.

I ate a lemon.

I took my dogs for a walk.

I realised how photogenic our new place was.

I took this photo.

Something ate my persimmons.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

London Still

"I wonder if you can pick up
My accent on the phone
When I call across the country
When I call across the world
I see you in my kitchen
I can picture you now
As you toast to your small town
And you drink the happy hour
I'm in London still
I'm in London still
I'm in London still
I took the tube over to Camden
To wander around
I bought some funky records
With that old motown sound
And I miss you like my left arm
That's been lost in a war
Today I dream of home and not of London anymore
I'm in London still
I'm in London still
Yeah I'm in London still
You know it's ok
I'm kinda happy here for now
I think I've finally grown up
And got myself a love of now
If I ever come home and I, I think I will
I hope you're gonna want to hang
At my place on Sundays still
Oh yeah I hope you will
รข€˜Cause I'm in London still
You know we got it sorted
We really got it down
To a fine art on Sunday
In our sleepy Sunday town
I wonder what I'm missing
I think of songs I've never heard
I'm dreaming of your voices
And I'm dreaming of your herb
I'm in London still
I'm in London still
I'm in London still
Oh I'm in London still
La la la la London still"

When you leave your childhood home you cant help but feel a little bit sad. Your old house still stands there, so does your nursery, the park that you used to walk in, play in and the friends you made that are still there. Every time I go back to visit, I cant help but feel a little "Why did we have to leave here in the first place"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

But oh,oh those summer nights (days)


What do I love abut summer?
The sun
The beach
The blue skies
No rain
The Green Grass
The tan
The new bikinis
The ability to wear shorts all.the.time
Walking barefoot
The Heat
The Colours
To keep it short; I love everything about summer
The sunburn

Sunday, January 16, 2011

the sun is out

At the moment, i dont really have anything to say or tell you....except that the sun is finally out
So i gathered some photos for you to look at, ENJOY.