Friday, December 24, 2010

tis christmas

So, guess what......ITS CHRISTMAS
Most exciting day of the year!!
Australia is poo for christmas, no snow, no cuddling up, no fires, no real christmas trees....These spelll POO quite clearly but guess what, there is a pro to poo..we get christmas first!! AND new year.
Now that is a pretty good reason to like pooey christmases but, i will always prefer the time when you wake up and you look out of your window and there is snow, you put your dressing gown and slippers on and waddle down the stairs, the fire has gone out but the stockings are full, Father Christmas has eaten his mince pie and given rudolph the carrot. But here, well you wake up look outside:sun (i do like sun but not at christmas) walk out in your pyjamas: it is too hot to wear anything else and well, there was no fire BUT the stockings are full. Then the real australians eat weet-bix and then go have a swim and then eat barbequed seafood (wtf? seafood? on christmas? coo cooo). But I will not be an australian and eat duck (australian version of turkey, unless we want to catch our own bush one, no thankyou) and roast tatties and well, unfortunately no parsnip (i am almost in tears). But guess what, poo has now become pooier and it isnt sunny, no, it isnt even hot, its RAINING!!!! I guess i will just have to pretend it isnt christmas just some fake version of it in the middle of the year.
Merry Christmas and i hope you have a good one, not pooey like me but i guess we do get it first and there are presents, lots of them actuallly!! anyways, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
p.s Jesus was actually born on the 25th, i know....little christian ceremony on the wrong day

Friday, December 17, 2010


I reckon that sometimes there is too much colour in summer, so i decided to post black and white piccies to dull it down
anyone else excited!? Because I AM!!
I might be getting a cute vintage floral little sofa for chrissie and money
Bye lovelys

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The September Issue

Those Days

I love those days when you just feel so tired that you just lay on the sofa and eat chocolate coated coffee beans whilst watching 'The September Issue', today was one of those days
Anyways, i have not really blogged anything in a while,but the one thing on my mind is CHRISTMAS, holy moley a cow eating ravioli, this year has gone bloody fast, so so fast indeed actually, i need to get thys family some chrissie presents!
So laddys reading ma blog.. what do you think of it?Can you please tel me because you know, i need some little whatchamacallits-----SUGGESTIONS, thats it
 so, i shall be on my way and posting more often..have to go, cream cheese and bagels awaiting mmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, December 8, 2010